Ash Tanasiychuk

A Conversation with Artificial Intelligence

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Kıvanç Tatar's performance at OPEN to ENTER, Selector's Records.

This performance is a duo with a musical agent, artificial intelligence, making music. The human performer is on the left channel and the musical agent is on the right channel. The agent listens to the human performer and itself real-time, making proactive decisions about future actions. The agent is trained on a 30 minute experimental music recording, available here: The system design is yet to be published. Please check in a couple of months.

Performer: Kıvanç Tatar
AI System design: Kıvanç Tatar and Philippe Pasquier
Video: Ash Tanasiychuk
Mastering: Kıvanç Tatar

Personal Website:
Metacreation Lab:
Musical Metacreation: