Corie Waugh

My Missing Body

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Start to finish, an Immersive Workshop facilitated by Zoe Kreye and final performance at Western Front

Photography by Corie Waugh, description taken from the FACEBOOK page

participants' collaborative arrangements

“In partnership with LIVE 2015 and the Western Front, artist Zoe Kreye facilitates an immersive workshop where participants develop embodied scores with an installation of ceramic sculptures. The workshop in its entirety is conceived of as a collectively developed performance ritual. Each session begins with a series of embodiment exercises, followed by preliminary scores that invite participants to encounter the sculptures. From these initial encounters, participants will co-develop scores based on participants’ attractions, sensations and interpretations—all steps unfolding together with the sculptures. Participants will also draw and write the narratives that unfold over the course of the workshop.”

Participant interaction with sculpture
“Our Missing Body draws on experiences of loss, embodiment, elemental connection, and employs techniques from contact improv, performance art, visualization, ecstatic dance and authentic movement. Its process attempts to make sense of an objects’ origin and meaning, the participants’ actions and roles, and our collective embedded histories—the necessary relevance of bodies, objects and space coming together.”

Zoe Kreye posing with sculpturePhotos were taken after the completion of each workshop that took place on September 20th and 21st, these act as documentation of the favoured interactions the participants had with the sculptures. 

08102015_Our Missing Body Performance_WaughVandocWeb_0896

“Vancouver artist Zoe Kreye will present a performance extending from her installation currently on exhibit in the Western Front gallery. Kreye will join in collaboration with participants from her recent workshop, Dance Troupe Practice and artist Gabriel Salomon.”

participants in performance

The performance took place on October 8th @ Western Front in the Grand Luxe Hall. The exhibition Every Little Bit Hurts is on view at the Western Front until October 24, 2015.

08102015_Our Missing Body Performance_WaughVandocWeb_0876