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Agente Costura’s Lisa Simpson @ grunt

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Performance artist reinvents fashion through live 'upcycling' of participants' clothing

Filming and editing by Tara Flynn

On July 5 2013, artist Lisa Simpson (aka Agente Costura) transformed grunt gallery in Vancouver BC during an all day (2-10pm) performance.

VANDOCUMENT’s Tara Flynn spent a section of the afternoon recording the performance. This beautifully edited piece provides a glimpse into Agente Costura and her work.

Agente Costura’s Lisa Simpson at grunt gallery from VANDOCUMENT on Vimeo.

“Unwanted apparel is reconstructed into new garments and fashions through a sewing practice that Simpson refers to as ‘Upcycling.’ Attendees are invited to search their wardrobes for clothing to bring to this event; the artist then reimagines these items through an interactive process. Viewers are also encouraged to bring a song that they wish to hear while this textile transformation takes place. The sound influences the alterations as the artist sews to the beat of the music.
The project, Agente Costura, questions clothing consumption habits, bringing forth a discussion around the sustainability of the fashion industry.” – from the event’s press release.

Thank you to Lisa Simpson, everyone at grunt gallery, and to all participants who contributed their time, clothing, and singing to make this a very special performance that the VANDOCUMENT team are honoured to have been a part of and documented.

More information
Agente Costura musicalsewing.blogspot.ca
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