Want to help Vancouver's arts & culture flourish? Work with us!

VANDOCUMENT is a fast growing arts organization and we’re looking for people who:

  • are passionate about the arts
  • believe that arts & culture are an integral part of life
  • are ready to support Vancouver’s creative movers’n’shakers through promotion & documentation
  • want to excite & engage a larger population of Vancouverites with our city’s arts & culture events



The VANDOCUMENT team is a strong group of passionate, creative people. Check out the current roster.

We are currently looking for:


  1. Photographers to shoot photos that tell the story of our city’s art & culture events. Experience with event photography preferred
  2. Videographers to record art & culture events and interviews. Experience with event videography preferred
  3. Writers to write previews and reviews of events, and interview Vancouver’s movers’n’shakers. Experience writing arts/music/cultural previews/reviews and/or interviews preferred


  1. Social media writers to chat with our online community, maintaining and building our relationships on facebook, twitter @VANDOCUMENT, and Vimeo
  2. Web developer to be our online image magician: modify and manage our WordPress-platform website, customize, optimize

These are volunteer positions. Whenever possible, we will pay you with coffee, dark chocolate, media passes, your portrait drawn by Ash, and if there’s anything else we can do for you, let us know.


Hours are flexible. You can contribute to VANDOCUMENT as much or as little as you can, although a minimum of 2hrs/wk would be nice.
DOCUMENTATION TEAM: Most events are evenings, so if you are documenting (photo/vid/writing), you’ll be needed then.
SUPPORT TEAM: If you are applying for a support position, being available during 9-5 hours is best. All positions can be worked from home. Although we’d love to see you in person! You can always drop by our office 721 E Hastings.



Send an email to: sayhi(at)vandocument(dot)com Please state:

  1. the position(s) you are applying for
  2. a brief bio about yourself, your skills & experience (Resumes and cover letters are cool, but not necessary. A link to your portfolio or published work and/or online CV is rad, but also optional).
  3. describe why you want to be involved with VANDOCUMENT. What’s your story? What do you want to see happen in Vancouver’s arts & culture scenes? Who are you? We want to know! We like real people.



Only potential candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest! Long live #yvrart ♥

VANDOCUMENT team hangout at Rumpus Room, Main St, Vancouver BC, July 2013